The Importance of Feeding Your Dog With the Right Food

The Importance of Feeding Your Dog With the Right Food

Canidae – The trusted dog food New Zealand brand for most pet owners Although many...

The Importance of Feeding Your Dog With the Right Food

  • Choosing a trusted dog food New Zealand for your beloved dogs has become an overwhelming task. With so many pet stores filled with aisle after aisle of different dog food brands, and each one boasting that if you buy this food your pet will live a longer and healthier life, pet owners like you can become confused on what really makes a trusted dog food New Zealand.

    Some brands have even developed breed-specific pet foods that are said to address the health needs of your specific breed of dog or cat. One can see why pet owners gravitate to a pet food that claims to be tailor-made to their own pet’s genetic makeup, but is it the right choice?

    With the wide variety of options on the market these days, this question can be difficult to answer. Nutrition is a critical component in dog wellness and behaviour, and what you choose to feed your dog is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Ideally, you will reach the right diet decision for your dog through a combination of research and consultation with your veterinarian.

    When you choose and purchase your own brand of trusted dog food New Zealand, are you paying attention to the ingredients label? If not, you should, especially if your dog experiences chronic ear infections, diarrhea, or allergies. If your pooch consumes a food brand containing by-products, artificial flavours, or preservatives, your dog’s diet may be highly deficient in essential nutrients and vitamins that may help maintain good health.

Canidae – The trusted dog food New Zealand brand for most pet owners

Although many pet food labels claim to be “premium” these may offer very little nutrition for your dog. The truth is, any company can consider their food premium even if it only contains 1% beef. That’s why reading the ingredients label on your dog’s food packaging is crucial for your dog’s health and well-being.

But with so many brands of dog food available on the market, what are some of the key things to look for on the ingredients label?

Canidae the trusted dog food New Zealand reviews are everywhere on the internet. Referring to the Whole Dog Journal’s Dry Dog Food Review can be helpful in determining what the Canidae brand has in each pack and what users and experts would recommend for your tail-wagger.

What makes a trusted dog food New Zealand when you are searching the market:
  • Animal protein should be one of the first ingredients, such as chicken, beef, or lamb. Canidae, your trusted dog food New Zealand brand, contains high quality meat that will provide high percentage of protein which your growing dog needs.
  • If the dog food contains animal meal it should say so – no artificial contents. Canidae, your trusted dog food New Zealand brand, has a selection of genuine meat packed in a dry dog food form, which were processed from real animal meat sources.
  • Grains, vegetables, or fruits should be in holistic form. These should not be processed as this usually results in a loss of essential nutrients and vitamins, which the Canidae, your trusted dog food New Zealand brand, contains.
Ingredients to stay away from
  • Meat by-products. These ingredients are generally less expensive because they are not as nutritious as animal protein and therefore do not require as much care in the handling process.
  • Artificial preservatives, colours, and sweeteners. Natural preservatives are much healthier for your dog than those that are artificial. However, they do not preserve the food as long. It’s important to check the “Best by” date on the package to prevent accidentally feeding your dog food that has “turned” or is expired.

With Canidae – your newest trusted dog food New Zealand brand – you can be confident that you are getting the right food for the stages of growth of your dog and that each of his or her nutrition needs are met. With all natural and healthy dog food ingredients, with real chicken and turkey plus lamb as source of protein and glucosamine, omega 6, omega 3 fatty acids to promote skin and coat health, and a lot more, Canidae will definitely make a great option for dogs with or without allergies.

It may take a little research and experimentation to find the right food for your dog, but you will be repaid for these efforts by many happy, healthy years with your favourite dog.

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