Best Cat Food NZ to Fight Obesity

Best Cat Food NZ to Fight Obesity

It’s interesting that our pets have mirrored our own tendency to have trouble with weight...

Best Cat Food NZ to Fight Obesity

  • Best Cat Food NZ to Fight Obesity
    How to Fight Obesity in Your Cats

    Ever wonder what to do about your overweight cat? Overweight and obese cats outnumber cats of normal weight and are being seen more and more commonly by veterinarians for various disorders. In fact, obesity in cats can predispose the cat to diabetes, hepatic lipidosis and arthritis. However, putting a cat on a diet or weight loss plan needs to be approached very carefully. The important secret so your kitty won’t have to be encumbered by obesity is to exercise them and to give them the best cat food NZ Canidae.

    Because nutrition is one of the most important keys to your cat’s health and longevity, one of your most important responsibilities as a cat owner is to provide your cat with the necessary nutrients required for its growth and maintenance. You can get them all with the best cat food NZ, specially formulated by Canidae. But to do this, it is first necessary to understand what cats need in their diet.

    So what is happening that predisposes our domestic felines to a life of sedentary obesity?

    The answer is multi-factorial, but to simplify, just remember this: any individual mammal will gain body weight if it consumes more calories than it burns as fuel for energy. That’s very simple but true.

  • Felidae Cat and Kitten Formula - cat food

It’s interesting that our pets have mirrored our own tendency to have trouble with weight control. The major difference, though, is that we humans have complete control over what our pets eat and how much they eat. Unless your cat is sneaking into the fridge and making ham and cheese sandwiches late at night when no one is around, the only way they get to eat is when you place the food in front of them.

Every veterinarian has repeatedly heard a serious-minded cat owner say, “I know you think she’s overweight, Doctor, but it isn’t from the food! She hardly eats a thing.”

Best Cat Food NZ – Canidae

Well, is the pet overweight from the high-calorie air? Maybe it’s the water? Or from laying on that couch all the time. That’s it! The couch is making the kitty fat, not the food.

Seriously, far too many pet owners truly believe that food intake has nothing at all to do with their pet’s weight and no amount of counselling will convince them otherwise. There is a proper way to feed a pet and there is a proper food that should be given in the correct quantity so that the cat will lose weight safely or maintain an optimum weight. Canidae, even if it is the best cat food NZ to feed your cat, if you give them limitlessly to your pet, then it’s as if you’re drowning your cat in a pool, only that it is in a pool of food not water.

Any cat that is overweight should have a physical exam performed, exact weight measured, and blood and urine tests run. It is vital that normal thyroid hormone levels are present and that the cat has no physical or metabolic dysfunction.

If the cat is physically normal — other than the abnormal body weight from fat deposition — then a gradual and careful weight loss program can be instituted.

Let’s look at what the causes of obesity are and what we can do to correct OUR mistakes

The main reason for feline obesity is the consumption of too much food. Deny it all you want, but it is a fact. Canidae – today’s best cat food NZ – even if it has the most nutritious ingredients can’t control obesity. Remember what they say, too much of something is a bad thing?

Many cats are fed “free choice,” which means there is food available all the time and the cat eats whenever it wants. Free choice feeding has probably been the biggest single factor contributing to feline obesity.

Feed two to four small portions daily and control the amounts fed so that over a period of time the cat does not gain weight. Many pet owners must downsize what they think is a “normal” portion. A meal for a 175-pound human might weigh 16 to 24 ounces. A seven-pound cat weighs 1/25 of the 175-pound human.

Cats, unlike most mammals, have no carbohydrate-digesting enzyme called Amylase in their saliva. Humans and dogs do and actually begin the digestion of carbohydrate in the mouth. Cats have less amylase activity than humans or dogs. Canidae – today’s best cat food NZ – has specially formulated its cat food so that it won’t harm the cat, thus eliminating food components that are not needed by cats.

We all know how cats crave mice and birds as a food source. A natural source of nutrition for carnivores, mice and birds are a perfect diet for a cat. But that’s gross. There are better meat sources and Canidae – today’s best cat food NZ – has broken down the best protein for your cat.

We seem to think we need to reward our cats with food — and that’s why cat treats are so popular. Nearly every cat caretaker has relented, when their cat has begun to vocalize, roam restlessly and seem to “need something”. This is a normal interactive behaviour for a cat and has no relationship to the cat being hungry! But we perceive the kitty to be hungry so we give it a treat as a snack. And most cats’ treats are specially flavoured to be irresistible to cats, otherwise, they wouldn’t sell well and there’d be no profit for the manufacturer.

Give your cat a treat for vocalizing and you have rewarded it for vocalizing, and you have just taught the cat to vocalize even more.

Stop feeding treats to the overweight cat. IF you think your cat NEEDS a treat, cut up little bits of cooked chicken or fish and feed as a natural protein treat, not a treat made from grains, food colouring, propylene glycol, and flavour enhancers. And NEVER feed a treat as a means of stopping a cat from vocalizing because it has the exact opposite effect and actually reinforces the cat’s vocalizing/begging behaviour.

We fill the bowls with food and water, clean the litter box, and say “See you later, Kitty, I’m off to work.” You simply are not going to change the food amounts, kinds and portions you have always been feeding your overweight cat. If you are to be successful in promoting weight loss in your cat you will have to increase its’ energy burning activities too like exercising.

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