Customer Feedback

Zoe Toy Poodle

We (she Zoe) loves the stuff!! No more tummy problems! Carol loves that bit too! Easier pick up Zoe and don’t need to see Zoe’s pain.

They sold me CANIDAE for Willy

Willy the dog, 11 years old, had been fed grocery store foods, the Vet. had offered no help other than to switch to another brand of grocery foods. John asked, the Pet Professionals at Farm Supply in Paso Robles , CA. for help with his dogs condition, They sold me CANIDAE for Willy. This is the results in only 45 days on CANIDAE Dry food only. Willy looks and feels 100% better!!!

Thank you CANIDAE,
Willy and John Sarver

  • Willy before Canidae
  • Willy after Canidae
  • Willy
  • Willy

Dear little Mabel gobbled up your food

0 years ago, I had a very sick dog that was barely able to keep down any food. After numerous tests, the vet had no conclusive explanation. I watched my dear little rescue languish for months. Never one to give up, I found Canidae through much research, word of mouth and trial and error. I am happy to report that dear little Mabel gobbled up your food and never looked back- in fact thrived. As a result, I have been a loyal customer for almost 10 years. Not only have I fed your wonderful dog food to my own beloved dogs but also to numerous strays and fosters that have passed through on their way to ‘forever homes’.

I have had nothing but wonderful results with your healthy food and have recommended it whole-heartedly to anyone I come across with a dog (or cat!) The reason I write today is because YOU NEED A NATIONAL COMMERCIAL! I know it’s expensive, but I truly feel that your food is the best on the market and right now there all A LOT of people that need to know about you! I will contribute!

PS. Mabel was the rescue that ‘stayed’ (NO ONE believes she is 13 years old!) and she encouraged me to write! Woof!


We can’t thank you enough

Just wanted to say thanks, we have always tried to feed our dogs good quality, wholesome food. We recently decided that we could do better. We lost 2 Goldens to cancer in a short period of time and ended up rescuing another in need. This dog was in poor shape. He was beyond skinny, his almost non-existent coat was dead and he had the worst case of dermatitis that my husband, a veterinarian, had ever seen. Well, here we are two and a half months later and we have a GORGEOUS dog.

Just wanted to say thanks, we have always tried to feed our dogs good quality, wholesome food.

We recently decided that we could do better. We lost 2 Goldens to cancer in a short period of time and ended up rescuing another in need. This dog was in poor shape. He was beyond skinny, his almost non-existent coat was dead and he had the worst case of dermatitis that my husband, a veterinarian, had ever seen. Well, here we are two and a half months later and we have a GORGEOUS dog.

Janice Gantenbein

I recommend Canidae to everyone I know

Thank you for putting such a wonderful product on the market! With the recent pet-food recalls, dog food is now a common topic of conversation. People are concerned more than ever, with what they are feeding their beloved dogs. This unfortunate event has given me a great opportunity to tell everyone just how much I love CANIDAE and all of the great things it has done for my dog Bailey. People look at him and immediately want to know what I feed him. At a year and a half, Bailey is all muscle.

He’s long and lean and can run like the wind. In addition, he also has a super shiny coat and bright eyes. Bailey is highly energetic and loves the water. We are involved with the sport of “dock jumping” and CANIDAE gives Bailey the fuel he needs to win!

Thank you Canidae!
Jillian & Bailey

I am SO grateful my vet carries Canidae!

In the wake of this pet food recall, I am SO grateful my vet carries Canidae! We already had a yellow lab on this food and we had just gotten a new lab from the humane society and she was acting sick. I took her to our vet and he suggested we switch her to Canidae food, like our other dog eats. Within a week, she was acting closer to normal, had more energy and was generally acting like a healthy dog. She’s been on the food for almost a month now and we can really see a huge difference in her personality and general appearance. Her coat thickened up and is shiny now. I’ve had dogs my entire life (don’t ask!) and this is the first time I’ve paid extra money for dog food. It is WELL worth the extra few cents to know our pets are eating a healthy diet. I wish I had known about this food 7 years ago, before our beloved black lab died.


If I only knew then what I know now

I want to send a note to thank you and our new standard poodle puppy thanks you for such wonderful wholesome food. I discovered your “All Life Stages” after doing considerable internet research on pet food. We recently lost our beloved golden retriever after a lengthy illness at only the age of 9. She suffered most of her adult life with skin and ear infections and lacked the energy of many other dogs. Never once did my old vet ever inform me that many of her problems could have been from the food she ate. I wish I had a better understanding of pet nutrition instead of spending a small fortune on medicated ear drops, shampoo; you name it. If I only knew then what I know now. The breeder sent us home 9 years ago with a bag of Purina and we just assumed that we were feeding her nutritious food.

Little did I know that we were feeding her a cheap granola bar of corn, wheat and soy…We feel so guilty now it almost makes us cry. When we purchased our new puppy this breeder sent us home with a bag high quality holistic food. We had a hard time finding a retailer near us so I decided to do an internet search for a similar product. That’s when I discovered the real horror of what was in the Purina we fed our old dog. Time after time I found customer and independent reviews on the internet raving about Canidae. It was available at our local pet store and our puppy is now on his third bag and he loves, loves, loves it. I also love it because I know he is eating the best possible food we could find, we also get tons of compliments about how his coat shines. I have already converted one friend to Canidae and I have told many more about your product. Thank You Canidae…Thank You

Dave DeNardis

Canidae is the key to their successful diet

Four years ago I found myself dog less for the first time since I was a child. After much research I decided that adopting a retired racing greyhound would be ideal for both the dog and my life style. Within nine months I had adopted three!! Sirius, Belle and Casey who now range in ages from 6 – 8 yrs of age are the most amazing and wonderful companions! During my initial research I learned that many experienced greyhound adopters recommend feeding Canidae.

I am so glad that I took their advice. My greyhounds are happy, energetic and literally glow with health! We take overnight road trips quite often and Canidae easily goes with us as our main staple. I rarely see any ill effects from the stresses related with traveling and I’m convinced that Canidae contributes greatly to this. I am told frequently “Your dogs are SO soft and shiny! What do you feed them?” I am so proud of the wonderful impressions my “Ambassadors” leave with people who inquire about retired greyhounds and gladly share that Canidae is the key to their successful diet. Thank you for such a “great” product!

Becki in Washington

You can visibly see a difference

can’t tell you what a difference this dog food has made in my dog. For years he’s been over weight and growing fatty tumors. I’ve been feeding him Science Diet Lite at the direction of my vet. I’ve recently had the opportunity to get a lesson in proper nutrition from someone who is very well versed in the subject; when I really began to understand what was in the other food I couldn’t believe it. And I couldn’t believe my vet would steadfastly recommend it. I’ve had my dog on Canidae for a little better than 6 weeks now and what a difference!!

He’s lost 8 lbs, his fatty tumors are beginning to shrink, his coat is shinny and he’s got more energy than he’s had in a long time. You can visibly see a difference. I had a vet appointment on Friday (the day before the heads-lines broke about MenuFoods/Science Diet) and discussed with my vet the virtues of Canidae and the down side of SD and inquired as to why, as a vet, she would recommend a product so lacking in nutritional value. Well, you can imagine how this went over but I was passionate about the results I can already see and she was passionate about all the data done for Hill’s SD. We parted still in disagreement and as I stepped into the reception area to pay the bill I noticed all the food stocked and sold by the vet was Hill’s brand. Not Science Diet per se, but still Hill’s.

I was disappointed to truly realize it was the almighty dollar instead of the true health of my beloved family member that was important here. I have become the biggest fan of Canidae and now, knowing with certainty that you don’t participate in forced animal testing, I will make sure everyone I know gets this link and I will be your biggest walking advertisement. People need to be made aware. I thought I was a great pet parent and a pretty smart human being and I spent years feeding incorrectly. We’ve put 3 animals down due to cancer and I will make every possible effort to ensure that doesn’t again. Thanks again for a great product and for giving my boy a whole new lease on a healthy life.

Very Sincerely,
Pam Irish

I will never have to browse the labels again

When I got my first dog (Ivy) years ago I was faced with a world of choices at the pet store. I wanted the best for her, but with so many options it was difficult to know where to begin to find the highest quality food and treats.

Luckily a kind gentleman who saw me scrutinizing the ingredients labels of the bags of dried food pointed out Canidae. One glance and I realized this gentleman saved me a lot of time and energy. I have been using it exclusively for 4 years now. Yet, the story doesn’t end there… although I’ve been tempted by the flashy looks and promises of other brands, none of them have maintained the ingredient standards of your product and I remain happily loyal to Canidae.

I am now feeding Canidae to a second dog that I recently adopted (Hazel), and I am confident that this decision will be reflected in a lifetime of good health for her too. Hazel is one of many foster dogs I’ve taken in for a local rescue group, and luckily for them, Canidae is the product I fed each one while in my care. Despite all of the reasons a stray might be too upset to have an appetite, they all had a hearty interest in Canidae. Hopefully they are still enjoying it in their new homes, because I walked each individual at the adoption events over to the area where Canidae is on display at the pet store, recommending that they continue the same healthy diet for their new addition. Thank you for understanding that our dogs are not merely pets, but family members. Responsible owners should look for the same quality foods for their animals as they would for any other loved one. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how easy Canidae makes that for us. I will never have to browse the labels again as long as you keep up the good work!

With gratitude,
Holly and the Hounds Birmingham, MI

My Labs eat less and maintain a healthy coat and skin

We breed English Labradors and were feeding a very good food. My breeding males were getting “Hot Spots” and I had to place them on meds. My females were getting ear infections, paw licking etc. It was a nightmare! I ran blood work on all my breeding dogs and found that the corn in food was causing these issues. I researched and switched to Canidae 2 years ago and have not given the first Med! My Labs eat less and maintain a healthy coat and skin. This food is amazing and I send my pups home with Canidae and tell my clients “The Story” I have around 30 pups a year and 90% of them are still on Canidae with happy owners. I have had clients switch their other dogs as well and see the difference. Thank you Canidae for the great product!

South Carolina

My dog can enjoy life now

I adopted a lab named Tucker from my local humane society five months ago. At 9 months old, he was a wreck; ear infections, skin itches, sneezing! The Humane society gave us what I thought was a quality dog food (Science Diet) and recommended we keep him on it. We did. 2 months later his ear infections kept coming back, his skin itched just as bad, and he had a bald spot on his side! About that time, I read a book that talked about labeling in dog food and what it all REALLY meant. I was astonished. Needless to say, I was online researching my heart out until I found a food that fit the nutritional needs of my lab with a label I could understand.

I discovered Canidae and drove 45 minutes to the nearest store to purchase it. Three months later, his hair has grown back, he hardly itches at all and the ear infections are a thing of the past. Thankfully, a store closer to home has started carrying Canidae. I thanked them profusely and congratulated them on such an excellent decision! Thank you CANIDAE. My dog can enjoy life now, instead of being plagued by pains and itches all day long.

Tami in Washington

This food is amazing.

I would like to send a Testimonial. We breed English Labradors and was feeding a very good food. My breeding males were getting “Hot Spots” and I had to place them on meds. My females were getting ear infect., paw licking etc. It was a nightmare! I ran blood work on all my breeding dogs and found that the corn in food was causing these issues. I researched and switched to Canidae 2 years ago and have not given the first Med! My Labs eat less and maintain a healthy coat and skin. This food is amazing and I send my pups home with Canidae and tell my clients “The Story” I have around 30 pups a year and 90% of them are still on Canidae with happy owners. I have had clients switch their other dogs as well and see the difference. Thank you Canidae for the great product!

PS My Labs are between 95 pounds to 123 pounds!

South Carolina

Your food contributes to her being with us today.

I’d just like to tell you how wonderful your food is. I’ve got three dogs, all eat Canidae. My oldest, Ilsa is on Canidae Platinum, and she LOVES it! Ilsa has had a bald chest for quite some time (unknown cause), and Canidae Platinum seems to be helping her regrow her coat! It keeps her at perfect weight too!

My “middle dog”, Ronin, is an extremely fussy eater. Canidae is one of the only foods he’ll touch – and he eats it with gusto! He has gained enough weight on Canidae that his breeder has decided that it’s back to the show ring with him!

The ‘baby dog” is Ada, a four month old Welsh Corgi. She refused to eat the food her breeder sent her home with, once she got a whiff of Ronin’s Canidae – she’s now a Canidae girl, and her weight is ideal. Obesity is a big no-no in corgis, so I’m very happy Canidae is keeping her fit and trim!

L. Hartlep

Your food contributes to her being with us today.

I have a story I would like to share. I got a Yorkie and had her only a few weeks when (believe it or not on my birthday she became very ill) I thought she was going to die and they even made me sign a do not resuscitate form. I spent close to $2000 trying to diagnose her. I never did receive a definite diagnosis and finally brought her home with the understanding she may not live. They thought she had an intestinal problem. They put her on hills prescription diet (RD) but I noticed she really wasn’t doing well. I was searching for something and somehow came upon your food. I tried it and Ms. Koko on Feb. 13th became one year old. I truly believe your food contributes to her being with us today and ran into one of your representatives at Wilson’s feed Napa, CA today and shared my story with him. He was very informative and told me I should share my story. Thank you for putting out such a good food. I have four dogs and each and every one of them gets your food and Ms. Koko and my kids thank you for her well being and life with us still going strong and feisty.

S. Wasik

We can see a HUGE difference in his coat!.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have stumbled across Canidae! Our Chihuahua was itching terribly, sneezing, and had a dull coat. After trying other, so-called “premium” foods, I saw an ad for Canidae. He’s been eating the dry food solely for over 3 months now, and we can see a HUGE difference in his coat, and no more itching! Thank you for a wonderful product.

Mary, Glen & Zippy, the Wonder Doggie

Bellevue, IA

Your dog food has literally saved the lives of all 15 animals I care for

I run a small but quickly growing wolf sanctuary out here in Pahrump, NV. For years we used ### dry food as this was the only thing their delicate systems could handle. Recently, ### changed their formula and when I called to ask them about the changes, they stated they hadn’t changed anything. Yet I had a yard full of sick animals.

I was very worried, and started to change their diet to human meat which quickly became more that we could afford. With research I found your website and felt I had to try it.

Your dog food has literally saved the lives of all 15 animals I care for. We were very fortunate that the Animal House on Lola Lane had just opened and they carry your food because it’s what they use for their own animals. I’m writing to both applaud you and beg of you not to change your “All Life Stages” Formula. I have wolves from 2 years old to 14 years old all at the healthiest weight they have ever been on your food. I even had an akita mix who has visited every doctor, dermatologist and specialist in the surrounding counties without a cure for her swollen, sore ridden feet. After a week on your food, her feet have healed and her swelling is all but gone!

I know you were running a campaign awhile back to spread the word about Candidae, and we have. Not because of a prize, but because truly you have allowed us to see first hand the benefits your food has over anything on the market today! I would like to link to your website, on our sanctuary website and get some information from you to post there. Whatever you normally give out to a press release or if you prefer our own experiences with your food.

Thank you for caring enough to make a high quality food for these guys, and still making it affordable to those of us crazy enough to fill our homes and yards with these wonderful creatures!

With Highest Regard,
Kelli Caracci
Ba’cho Nowhidee Wildlife Sanctuary

My dogs continue to thrive powered by Canidae!

I Just wanted you to know that we had a fabulous time in Arizona. Their was almost 1000 dogs there from all over the world. Gracie did well but had an ‘off course’ so she didn’t advance to the finals. Chip, however, did awesome! He was one of 12 dogs to make the Finals…. a huge accomplishment. And he came 6th out of 40 dogs in his division. A proud moment for me for sure. I’ve enclosed a photo of Chip in Arizona taken by professional photographer Tien Tran. Thanks again for the coupons… it is much appreciated. My dogs continue to thrive powered by Canidae!

Best regards,

She’s in the Best Shape of Her Life

I just wanted to take the time to comment on how much of a change your product has made in my dog. At 66 lbs, she was a total porker. But after 6 months on the Platinum formula, she’s in the best shape of her life at a slim, healthy 55 lbs. Thank you so much for helping my baby get her energy back!

Alisha Tirey
– IN

I love your product

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how much I love your product. I’ve been feeding it to my ‘little girl’ Rags (an 8 year old Lhasa Apso) for almost 3 years now. I read an article titled “The Truth About What’s Really In Pet Food” and that’s what prompted me to look for an all-natural, human-grade food that’s as good for her as anything I’d eat myself. Health and nutrition is very important to me and I value her health as much as our own. She has thrived on Canidae. Her coat is soooo soft and shiny, and her eyes are clear and bright. Not to mention she still plays like a dog half her age.

My sister and brother-in-law are getting a Yorkie puppy soon and I sent them a link to your website. If I have to, I’ll get them a bag as a gift, just to make sure they start using it. The retailer that carries it (Brandt’s Mill in Lebanon, PA) is less than 5 minutes away for both of us, so there’s no excuse to buy anything else. Thanks for making sure us ‘fussy dog parents’ have such a wonderful product to give our pets.

Mrs. Jennifer H. – Lebanon, PA

Canidae is incredible!!

Before using Canidae, my dogs had dry and dull coats, runny eyes, and seemed like they didn’t have the energy levels that young dogs should have. I switched to Canidae almost a year ago, and the difference this food makes is incredible. Their coats are amazing, I’ve never felt Rottweilers coats that were as soft or look as shiney. The dry and dull coats of the past are gone. Their eyes are clear and seem to sparkle now, on top of which their energy levels have boosted. The overall results are just astounding, my dogs are much healthier, and much happier! In turn, so am I. It didn’t take long to see start seeing results either. Even during the gradual transistion, I noticed things improving. Not only that, the dogs absolutely love it! During the transition stage, they’d actually pick out the Canidae first, and then eat the other brand when there was nothing else left. I’ve done nothing but rave on about what a great food this is. I’ve had numerous people comment on my dogs, and asked me what I feed, as well as telling friends and faimly about it. Canidae is awesome! Such an amazing product. So glad to finally see a food available that isn’t crammed with fillers. 🙂

Thanks a bunch from Tysa, PJ and me!

Karen Morgan

Since the very first bowl everything changed!

Just a quick note to let you how much our 2 year old Sheltie, Jasmine, loves Canidae! When my wife and I first got her as a puppy we grabbed a bag of another brand of food and didn’t think anything about it. But shortly after that our puppy was having stomach problems and very loose stools. A friend of ours mentioned that she uses Canidae and we found a local feed store that carried it. Since the very first bowl everything changed! Our dog’s eyes are bright and glassy, her coat is soft and shiny and her intestinal health is excellent. Even our vet was impressed. (They told us all dog foods are the same.) Thank you so much for making such an important product. I only wish more people knew about you!

Thanks again, Kuhn Family

Her allergies disappeared

Gracie Hi, I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with Canidae. I am a current owner of a Miniature Pinscher, Ciara. Within the first week of purchasing Ciara from her breeder, I noticed her itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and flaky skin. At the time, I was feeding her Strong Point puppy food, that was given to me from her breeder. After a Vet visit, they had told me that Ciara suffered from food allergies. Right away I tried other puppy foods like Eukanuba, Iams, and Science Diet. Nothing seemed to stop her symptoms. I finally did my own research online and came across Canidae. When I read the ingredients list I was amazed to finally find a food with no corn, wheat, soy, or by-products. Ciara is now 7 months old and everywhere I take her, I get asked ‘how come your dog’s coat is so shiny?’. She has no more flaky skin, watery eyes or runny nose; it’s like her allergies disappeared! Also, it’s more convenient because we have (2) five-year old Tiny Toy Poodles, and a one-year old White German Shepherd, and they can all eat the same food! I recommend this food to all my fellow Dog Lovers! Attached is a photo of my gorgeous, healthy, and shiny Min Pin!

Thanks, Sarah


I recently purchased a 4lb. bag of Felidae Platinum dry food for my cats. Yesterday I began gradually introducing it into their diet by mixing it with their regular food. They like it. A lot. I had your food stored in a large Tupperware cannister, one which I am having a hard time imaging my cats being able to get into without having opposable thumbs. Regardless of my lack of imagination in this matter, my boyfriend came home from work earlier this evening to discover the lid of the cannister on the floor, and evidence that the cats had eaten a quantity of food. I am greatly, and it scarcely needs to be said, favorably impressed with how much my cats are enjoying it. Tupperware may be getting a somewhat less enthusiastic letter from me soon.

Faribault, MN

More Power to Canidae

Canidae All Life Stages Formula is the best! I’ve never been more satisfied with a pet food product before. In comparison with other brands like Eukanuba, Science Diet, and Pedigree, your product is much, much more superior! Canidae made my dogs more active and vibrant. Aside from their healthy coats, they’ve become more healthy and active. I love it. I love your product!

Gerald R. Prodon

The Best Food on the Market

I really don’t know how to start out this email, I have so much to say! I have been feeding Canidae for a little over three years now and I have to say it is probably the best food on the market. I have three Dobermans (a 1yr old, 2yr old & 4yr old) which I train, and it is so convenient to feed them all one food! You also don’t lie at all about the coat conditioners. I have people ask me all the time what I use to make my dogs so shiny and I tell them it’s the food! I also wear my Canidae T-Shirt to a lot of my obedience trials, hoping maybe people will ask me about it. …

…My male Dobie had so many skin problems when I got him that he was developing large bumps all over his body. His previous owner was feeding him a VERY low quality food (she should have just fed him whole corn the way she was feeding him) and complained about how picky he was. As soon as I whipped out the Canidae he was all over it! His skin problems have also gone away.

A few weeks ago I convinced a woman to switch her Newfoundland… to Canidae because her dog had very dry, scaly skin. Just the other day she came into the store and almost hugged me because she was so thankful for showing her your food! Our store usually gets 2 or more pallets (50 or so bags per pallet) of Canidae in at a time and we just fly through them. There are many breeders in our area that are on your breeder program. It is great how you use these promotions to get your food out there. (I especially love the MANY coupons!)

The main point of this email was to say thank you for making such a wonderful product that actually DOES do what the bag says in keeping our pets (family members) healthy and happy.

Thank you.

I wanted to tell you how fabulous your Canidae All Life Stage is!

It has literally made feeding my two dogs a peaceful experience.
I have a 14-year-old beagle mix that has a malignant brain tumor and is rather inactive. I recently got a sweet lanradoodle puppy that is now 4 and 1/2 months old. At mealtime it seemed as though the dogs were playing musical chairs! Britt wanted the puppy food, Dharma wanted the ‘brain function diet food’ (bah!) and it was not an easy chore to keep them separate.

The local feed mill here in Lebanon, PA suggested Canidae All Life Stage and I began to gradually switch their food – BOTH can eat the same food and I can be sure they are both getting what they need.

Britt and Dharma LOVE Canidae and I tell everyone who has a multi-generational dog household about it and I never fail to mention that (maybe it’s in my head, I am not sure) that Britt seems actually more ALERT and peppy these days! I am thrilled with this food!
By the way, my hubby likes it too – not only is it less expensive that the other ‘best’ brands, but he’s picking up less doggie doo before he mows the lawn!
Thanks for developing such a fabulous product!

Holly Laudermilch

I have a brag that I believe will interest you greatly

Our Welsh Springer Spaniel “Dillon”, Ch. Glyndwr’s Winchester Legacy recently went “Best In Specialty” / “Best Veteran” / “Best Veteran in Sweepstakes” at the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America (WSSCA) National Specialty Show, Friday April 29th at Lake Matthews CA.

Dillon was the oldest dog at the specialty at 12 years. Quite an accomplishment for an “OLD GEEZER” who had been retired from showing for 5 years!

The judges for the specialty were very complimentary concerning Dillon’s “fitness”, appearance, beautiful coat quality, and “soundness”. He still moves like a 3year old in his prime! In fact one judge stated: “If he’s this good now, he must have been absolutely fantastic when he was “specialed”. During his prime, Dillon was top winning WSS for the years 1996 and 1999…he was in the top 3 for 1997 and 1998. He had won “awards of merit” at previous WSSCA nationals and at “Spaniel Club” shows.

Now if you’re still with me after my brag, the reason I bring all of this to your attention is that Dillon eats CANIDAE EXCLUSIVELY! While you’ll agree that breeding, conditioning and training are extremely important to a show dog’s career, it is my contention that without the nutritional support of Canidae…I might not be sending you this letter. I was in the pet industry for 20+ years, and owned 2 retail pet supply stores of my own before Canidae came on the market. I do know something about dog food. With Dillon’s winning record, believe me I have access to any food I choose to feed. I chose Canidae after seeing the beautiful coats on a very close friend’s Welshies, the best coat color and quality I had ever seen, and made the switch soon after. That was about 4 years ago. The results speak for themselves. He has gorgeous coat, fluid easy movement, and at 12 years old…he is pretty much problem free!

Anyway, thanks for listening, and thanks for a great food for my best friend!

Al & Cris Ridley

Sing the Praises!

When we got our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Layla, my mom (the breeder) was upset with me that I wasn’t going to feed her a “Large Breed Puppy Food”. We raised our Australian Shepherd, Aurora, on Canidae with awesome results, so we saw no reason NOT to feed it to Layla! When we switched Layla to Canidae, off of Science Diet Large Breed pup we failed at the gradual change. We tried to mix the two together, but Layla would just pick out all the Canidae and leave the Science Diet scattered all over the floor! Layla is now 5 months old and growing wonderfully! We couldn’t be happier! Her coat is shiny and soft, her eyes bright, and her bones are growing at just the right rate! I was warned that large breed pups can grow in such a way that they look out of proportion at times. Large breeds are also notorious for problems with bone growth. Not our Layla! She is in perfect proportion! We can’t wait to get her in the show ring!

Kerrie Kuznicki

Piggy loved it and all our problems are now over

I would like to thank you for providing such an excellent food. We have a Black Lab mix that we adopted about 4 1/2 yrs ago. She was about 2 when we got her. Since the day we brought her home, we had constant ear problems. We took her to 5 different vets, tried numerous ear treatments and still had problems. I was at wits end with the constant black ear goop and head shaking and scratching the ears. We found out about Canidae from a breeder and decided to give it a try that was about 6 months ago. Piggy loved it and all our problems are now over. I can’t thank you enough!!!! What a relief not to see her in any more discomfort. I’ve recommended Canidae to my family and friends and will never buy anything else.

Holly Bommer & Piggy

We just love your food

Hi, Just wanted you to know that 10 months ago, I started feeding my 9 yr old American Bulldog, “Jane” your food Canidae dry and the senior can food. She is thriving and her redness on her under carriage-belly is finally all gone. Finally after 9 years, we don’t have to take her to get prednisone shots! Yaaaaayy!! We found the perfect food for her.

We just love your food and I am telling everyone I know about your dog food!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alene Buckwalter 🙂

My name is Jake…

Hi, my name is Jake and I love Canidae dog food. I have been chowing down for about 5 months now and I am already big and strong. I love to wrestle with my best friend Mazart back in NY and he always is very suprised to see how strong I have gotten. I am fed 3 times a day but that is never enough. The taste is so mouth watering that I wish I could just have a little bit more. Well Canidae, I want to thank you for your wonderful dog food and I will continue to grow strong and healthy as long as I keep eating it.

Thank you again,
Your biggest fan, -Jake

Thank you “Canidae”, you have truly saved Rocky’s life!

Rocky, a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, came to us as a rescue. He was to be put down because of a severe case of eczema. As you can see in the ‘before’ picture, his fur is gone along most of his back and the skin is swollen and oozing. He was miserable, to say the least!

After three weeks, a diet of Canidae , you can see the difference! Swelling gone, and what we thought were dead hair follicles; the fur came back to life! What a miracle! In 25 years of breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers, we have never seen such a remarkable improvement in such a short time! Thank you “Canidae”, you have truly saved Rocky’s life!

Rocky Drown
Sonshine Staffords

Beau’s coat is thick and shiny and his eyes are bright

I am writing you this letter to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the quality dog food you make available to pet owners.

In December 2002, I went to a local animal emergency care facility to take a photo (to put him up for adoption) of a stray Australian Shepherd who a good Samaritan had brought in. When I arrived, the technician brought out the most pathetic, sickly looking dog I had ever seen. He had open sores from his mouth to is tail. His coat was missing in several places and he was emaciated. Pretty much near death. When he saw me, he lifted his infected head, stood up on his back legs and wrapped his front paws around me. Needless to say, I took him home. I named him Beau.

Since bringing Beau home, we have made countless visits to the vet, the animal hospital, and the doggie dermatologist. After many, many, treatments of prescribed medication, all but his ears, the top of his head, and random skin eruptions were healed… but nothing would totally heal him. His ears were literally rigid because of the scabs. I kept the breakout of new sores under control with a colloidal silver spray every night, but as I said, new sores kept coming. He got healthier, but not WELL.

During this 12 month period, I tried various dog foods hoping they might have a positive effect. Some were recommended by the vet, some by friends, and some I just tried out of desperation. But again, nothing changed.

In late December of 2003, my daughter suggested I try Canidae, she had heard it was a very good food and thought it might help Beau. I bought a 40 lb bag (I have three dogs) and began feeding it to my two large dogs.

Now, for the reason I was motivated to write you. From the first week I started feeding him Canidae, he began to get better. It is now Thursday, February 12, 2004 and Beau’s ears and the top of his head are almost totally cleared up. There is even some fine hair growing where there were nothing but sores and scabs. His ears are soft and almost 100% normal. Something I thought would never occur. His coat is thick and shiny and his eyes are bright and happy for the first time since I adopted him. You have cured something that all the medication and so called healthy dog food could not touch.

Thank you !!!
Larry Forszen

Aurora’s Coat is Fantastic!

I want to applaud your company on a GREAT food! While we do feed Canidae to our other dogs, it’s our Australian Shepherd puppy, Aurora, that I really see the results in. While our breeder is a fantastic breeder, she was feeding her dogs little more than a commerical pet store brand of food. On July 4th we met her at a dog show so that she could see Aurora’s progress. She was overcome when we walked in with our pup. She was amazed by how fantastic Aurora’s coat was. She loved how well she had grown. I thanked it all to Canidae. Our breeder then asked how much we feed her. Again she was shocked when I told her that our 40lb, very active pup, eats only 1.75 cups of food a day! I want to thank you for your strides to make dog food better!

PS We have gotten several of our friends to switch their dogs to Canidae!

Winner Dog

Here is a picture of my bulldog and my daugther. Benya ate Canidae All Stage for 1 year. No allergy no problems. Benya won recently “Winner Dog” at “Las Vegas Bulldog Speciality Show.” After switching to Canidae, my beagle has not had his ears cleaned in three months!!! This from a beagle who had to have his ears cleaned at least weekly and was constantly scratching them!

My boxer had hot spots on her paws and was constantly licking. Her hot spots are gone and her white paws are back and look perfect!

Thank you for a terrific product–I am highly recommending it!

Heather Smith

No More Flaking

We have been using Canidae for almost a year with our almost 2 year old schnauzer. His coat is gorgeous. He is in great shape!!! We just rescued a 9 year old mini schnauzer in the beginning of June. She was a wreck. Her skin and coat were horrible. She smelled awful, had crusty flaky skin and her coat was really hard, and had no shine to it at all. She barely shuffled around the house. She had been fed Mighty Dog because she only had 3 teeth left in her poor mouth. We switched her over slowly to the Canidae kibble and canned food. I add warm water to her kibble to soften it up.

Her skin is in great shape now. No more flaking. Her coat is so soft now and shiney. She also moves around much easier. No more slow shuffling dog. She even runs around for short spurts. She is so much happier looking now. Oh, and she doesn’t smell anymore either.

She loves the Canidae kibble and canned foods too. She gets so excited when she sees the canned food especially. She starts hopping up and down on her front paws and she howls for it. TOO CUTE!!!

We are hoping this will keep her and our 1 year old mini healthy and happy for many years to come.

Thank you,

The Vet. raves about her skin and coat

I want to thank you for producing a magnificent product. Our young GSD, soon to be 1-1/2 years old, has been raised on Canidae dry dog food, and the results have been outstanding. The Vet. raves about her skin and coat, she has never had any hot spots or other problems, and she has boundless energy. She is the epitome of good health. We live in the country, with many animals around, and she is the first GSD (we’ve had from one to three of them in our lives for the past 30 years) who has 1) not had hot spots during the first year and a half, 2) not ever had diarrhea, and 3) had such a completely nutritional diet such as to never eat the droppings of horses, goats, deer, etc. We think this is all the result of the Canidae food. Thanks for making it.

Best regards,
David Baskett
Bluebird Haven Ranch
Meridian, Texas

I switched to CANIDAE and the problem stopped

My groomer recommended CANIDAE when I told her that our Rottie had been scratching alot. She said that maybe he was allergic to the additives in his dog food. I switched to CANIDAE and the problem stopped. An added benefit is that his coat shines like it never has. Thank you for a wonderful product. He loves the treats too. They are a great addition to his meals. I recommend CANIDAE to all my friends now.

Denise Tilley